Blaydon Races

There’s an art club that meets at the iconic Bisley Pub. But for the past month they have also been coming to the Library where we’ve been working on a group creation. Our theme is the Blaydon Races; the material, recycled plastic bottles again (my autobiography – if ever I were fool enough to write one – could be titled ‘on the bottle’).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe’ve explored a variety of cutting techniques, plus ways of colouring and printing onto bottles. Imagery includes racing horse’s heads and lush swirling manes. The members have brought a vast range of skills to the project, my role has been pulling the strands together into one work of art. Once complete this will be on show at the Bisley, the Central Library in March 2015 and hopefully also Blaydon Library at some point too.

About karenrann

Karen is a visual artist drawn to working from a sense of place
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