I have caught the ‘blog bug’.

Blogging for me has become an essential tool for keeping track of a residency. I am a lover of note-books but a blog facilitates the sharing of thoughts, feeling and reflections – not to mention visual imagery.

With 2 residencies beginning within weeks of each other Traces of Place will follow both:

  • ‘Creative Makings’ residency based at Blaydon Library
  • ‘New Artist’ residency based at Highmoor Court on Cowgate Estate

The residencies share many features: both involve considerable social engagement – working with local communities, both are geographically close to where I live and are of a similarish duration.

And in some ways they are close in both context and content too, they are foremost about people and the places they live in; what those places mean (both historically and currently). They concern how we feel about where we live: what makes us curious and alerts us to traces of our heritage, what makes us feel safe on our streets and what changes we can foresee – or even help to create – that would enhance our environment.

1 Response to About

  1. Alison Flanagan Wood says:

    Hi Karen, really enjoying your blog…great way to follow your progres and developments.
    Many thanks,


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